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Feedback is truly the driving force behind our efforts. Its value is immeasurable. Hearing about the positive impact we're making in the lives of our clients is the most rewarding aspect of our service.

Client Feedback

“When I first joined Keep Talking Services, I hadn't left the house in a long time, I wasn't coping and I had lost trust in others, I have been speaking with Keep Talking Services for over 1 year now. I am able to leave the house to do my shopping, Keep Talking Services are supporting me in looking into voluntary work and I finally am beginning to trusts service again and its all thats to Keep Talking Services”

“I want to tell you that when I was at my lowest, suicidal and could see no light at the end of the tunnel and felt so alone,unable to get any help with my mental illness, you reached out. You phoned me, letting me know I was not alone. You will never know how much this helped me and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.”

“There's no lonely a place when your alone with your thoughts and lost your mind but your calls really do make me realise I am notalone. Yes I have my husband here and my son would come and stay but its very hard to realise that when you can't make sense of it yourself. Thank you for everything that you have done for me”

What are students think of the service

“I feel the Keep talking service is a brilliant service that provides to the individual who is receiving the call as well as the person who is making the call. Alex ensures that he is in constant contact with us as callers making sure that we are ok and ensuring we still feel comfortable and able to offer the best service that Alex wishes for us to give. This is a service I will continue to volunteer in as I feel there are so many benefits to all who are involved.”


“When Alex informed me that I had an individual assigned he was very informative, making sure that I still felt able to be able to do this. As well as this, Alex ensured that I had sufficient information about the individual in which I would be in contact with. This meant that there were subjects that I could use to start conversation to make the initial call a little less awkward. Alex ensured that I had been sent the documents about Keep talking so that I had a handbook to refer to if I felt a little stuck.“

“It may sound cheesy, but this service has got capacity to change the lives of individuals just through open lines of communication. Even though I am not a mental health nursing student, I can directly see the mental health problems that emerge from being isolated and lonely. As training professionals, we should constantly be striving to provide supportive services by taking a fraction of our day to sit and chat to someone who needs it!”

“My own self development in a professional context has been stretched to a place I didn't think this service would take me. It has helped me to build a professional rapport with individuals in an environment that they feel safe and comfortable with.”

What do our providers think of us?

“In the year that I have known Alex and his team at Keep Talking services, I cannot thank them enough for the continued support they have offered me but more importantly to my patients. I have referred to them some challenging cases but they have taken them on board with no questions asked and embraced the difficulties that could be presented to them.

This is such an important service that they provide and I look forward to carrying on our work together.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the support, interaction and time you and your team have provided with the patients that I refer over to you. This service is so important and appreciated not just by me but from everyone that is in contact with you all. Your success and dedication are an example how hard works pays off and I am sure you that you are an inspiration to the students that work alongside you. I hope to continue this great working relationship we have created together. Thanks again.”

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