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About Us

Keep Talking Services is a telephone befriending service that pairs a student with an individual for weekly connections. Our calls, ranging from 20 minutes to however long your conversation lasts, aim to provide companionship and support.

We do not offers a certain amount of sessions to our clients.

Befriending is about building connections so clients can remain in the services for as long as they want!


A unique aspect of our service is our dedication to catering to individuals facing mental health challenges. Many of our clients, who might be excluded from other services due to perceived risks, find a safe and supportive space with us. We prioritize careful and secure practices to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring a compassionate and understanding environment for all.

Our Story

The journey began during the initial national lockdown of COVID-19, spurred by the observations of our founder, Alex Richardson, who was pursuing a degree in mental health nursing.


The surge in loneliness during the lockdown highlighted a pre-existing issue, exacerbated by the pandemic.


Out of this realization, Keep Talking Services emerged with a singular objective—to keep people talking.

They are talking about us!

Our 2023 Recap

In 2023, we proudly marked our first year as a registered charity, and during this time, we achieved the following milestones:

● Welcomed an additional 40 students from 7 universities across the UK into our fold.

● Facilitated over 4000 phone calls to individuals in the community, totaling more than 1800 hours of valuable connection.

● Expanded our services to include 126 more clients, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 17, including NHS community teams, local authorities, and other charities/organizations.

What we have achieved in our first year is something we did not feel imaginabe. But what truly makes us proud are the heartfelt testimonials from our clients, students, and providers. These testimonials reflect the positive impact Keep Talking Services has had on fostering connections and addressing loneliness within our community. Check them out here.

Meet The Team

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